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Danny Seo Reserve Australia: Review

Danny Seo Reserve Australia
Danny Seo Reserve Australia

Danny Seo Reserve Australia is a new perfume for women. So new, in fact, that it only launched last month (April). It comes in an eco-friendly carton with recyclable inks and a UV protected coat on the bottle.

It sprays on strong, yet gentle and woody. It lasts throughout the day. Then, it fades, just a little, to become a unique, floral powder.

Danny Seo Reserve® is more than just a fragrance collection: it’s an experience. My goal was to create a game-changing scent that was luxurious, thoughtful and artfully created.

Danny Seo Reserve

Danny Seo Reserve Australia retails for 65.00 for the 50ml bottle and can be purchased via the Tru Fragrence web site. There is also a honey essence, somewhere. However, it is very subtle.

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