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Danny MacAskill explores with his riding and raises the bar in Epecuén

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Danny MacAskill’s street trials riding skills are absolutely incredible if not the most mind-blowing and crazy mad abilities many have ever seen. His latest release, Epecuén, just confirms that MacAskill still has it and his quest to be a rider always striving to achieve firsts in both location and riding has, once again, been achieved.

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MacAskill explores the setting of Villa Epecuén; a once thriving tourist town destroyed and submerged by floodwaters making it uninhabitable. The salt waters receded after 25 years and left behind a barren yet beautiful landscape. Only one former resident returns, Pablo Novak, but he doesn’t see what the place has for anyone. And this is where Danny MacAskill comes in.

If you’ve seen MacAskill’s Imaginate, you were most likely amazed at the precise skillset that MacAskill has. He makes the moves look flawless and almost easy. Epecuén, directed by longtime collaborator Dave Sowerby, depicts MacAskill riding unbelievable lines he has created in this mysteriously beautiful place that has an eerie yet humbling atmosphere. His riding is jaw-dropping, and he performs a number of spectacular feats that include a world first “bump front flip”.

Villa Epecuén was a tourist spa town located in the Buenos Aires Province, Argentina. It was accessible from Buenos Aires by train, and the town thrived with vacationers who would seek the therapeutic salty waters of Lago Epecuén. November 10, 1985 brought on a freak weather pattern that broke a nearby dam which flooded the town. This rapidly made the town uninhabitable as the waters rose progressively reaching a depth of 10 meters at its maximum. By 1993, over half the town was covered in water with salt levels only second to the Dead Sea and ten times higher than any ocean. Since 2009, the water levels have been receding, and the ruins of the once popular lakeside resort are now exposed.

“Villa Epecuén has been a location that inspired me as soon as I saw photos of it on the Internet a couple of years ago and I started dreaming of the potential of the place,” said MacAskill. “I just knew I had to go and make a film there. I wanted to be the first person to ride the incredible forgotten city once the waters started to recede.”

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