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Danny Garcia vs. Mauricio Herrera: "Swift" Justice

Danny Garcia will successfully defend his WBC/WBA titles against Mauricio Herrera.
Danny Garcia will successfully defend his WBC/WBA titles against Mauricio Herrera.

"The Liberty Bell" cracked as soon as it was rung upon its arrival in Philadelphia, and I'm guessing one of its natives is going to crack someone's bell after the first sound of it.

By all rights, what should be taking place tomorrow night at the Coliseo Ruben Rodriguez in Bayamon, Puerto Rico, is a mega-bout between WBC/WBA champion Danny "Swift" Garcia and WBO champion Ruslan Provodnikov aka "The Siberian Rocky".

But we know that's not going to happen because Top Rank and Golden Boy continue their childish hatred toward one another. So, we're left with this, which isn't all that bad when you consider a few things.

Danny Garcia is a potential superstar and deserves top billing in Puerto Rico.

His gutsy, dig-deep extravaganza in beating the dangerous Lucas Matthysse, on the undercard of Mayweather/Canelo: "The One", was far better than the main event.

He gets to showcase his incredible range, sudden power, versatility, speed and charisma in one package on an island known for producing some of boxing's all-time greats.

But what he does with the skilled veteran Mauricio Herrera, will more than likely be overshadowed by the heavyweight fight between Deontay Wilder and Malik Scott, which precedes it.

Before I get into the analysis for Garcia-Herrera, it’s just a shame that this isn't perhaps Garcia-Marquez or even Garcia-Alvarado (who ironically will face each other in May).

While not trying to disrespect Herrera at all (I mean, can you find his name on any promotional material with a magnifying glass?), he probably doesn't deserve to be here, and Showtime and HBO need to find a way to resolve their differences before they really start to hurt the sport and ruin the momentum of 2013.


Some story-lines are just made for TV.

Mauricio Herrera is a former plumber who turned pro at age 27. Now 33, he's most known for his decision win over a then unknown Provodnikov back in early 2011.

There had been considerable chatter surrounding his inabilities to capitalize on that fight seeing as how Provodnikov's stock surged in defeat.

Consider you're fight with Danny Garcia "swift" justice Mauricio.

In watching the Riverside, CA product go to work, Herrera's a guy that does a lot of everything well but doesn't do anything really great. He has a tendency to be a little over reliant on his rather solid jab, while being somewhat predictable in his punch selection.

Then, when he does pull the trigger, we're not talking about machine gun bursts - no, we're talking about a few rounds from a .22 or a Bebe gun.

His 20-3 record only includes 7 KO's, and those were over totally out-matched fast food workers.

I'm not especially happy about the fact that he lost his last 2 fights at the world class level to Karim Mayfield and Mike Alvarado in 2012. Yeah, he won a couple of fights in 2013, but who the hell are Ji-Hoon Kim and Miguel Huerta?

He’s gonna know who Danny Garcia is very quickly.

The only way Herrera is capable of winning this fight is if Garcia is capable of not taking him seriously enough. Having said that – I don’t think his father Angel is capable of allowing him to do that.

One of the things Herrera has a bad habit of doing is [moving back] from punches in straight lines with his chin up. That will prove to be one of the drawbacks from coming into the sport so late at the elite level in this fight.

He’s not very fluid in upper body movement, and doesn’t have the type of practiced subtlety he’ll need to avoid the brunt of “Swift’s” sudden shifts in gear, or certain shots.

The fact that I know he’s available for a left hook – which happens to be Danny’s money shot – probably means that’s the punch that will more than likely end his night.

I don’t doubt he’ll be more prepared than he’s ever been for a fight, but Herrera might as well be facing the ‘Bermuda Triangle’ in Puerto Rico, because that’s exactly where Danny’s will send him in front of his heritage.

Expect plenty of flair from the super lightweight champ and pride of Philadelphia, as Danny “Swift” Garcia successfully defends his titles with a 7th round stoppage of a very game Mauricio Herrera on Showtime.

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