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Danny Garcia swiftly moving toward Floyd Mayweather

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The festive folks that reside in Puerto Rico like to beat drums, which is fitting, because if homecoming son Danny “Swift” Garcia wins tomorrow night against Mauricio Herrera the drumbeat for him to meet Floyd Mayweather, Jr. will be loud enough for the world to hear.

“Make no mistake,” as Al Bernstein might say, Danny Garcia is on his way to becoming a major force in the sport. The undefeated champion at 140-pounds is only 25-years-old and with a record of 27-0, 16 KOs the engaging young Philadelphian is beginning to be openly discussed as a potential opponent for Mayweather.

Garcia’s recent opposition has been a murderer’s row as he has vanquished six former world champions in succession and more importantly he has looked pretty good in so doing. Of course, before anyone can talk too much about Mayweather, he much first make it by Herrera tomorrow night in in Bayamon, Puerto Rico.

“He’s a tough fighter, he’s fought tough competition before,” says Garcia of tomorrow night’s foil. “I know he’s training hard and that he wants to be a world champion. I know what it takes to win a world title and I know what it takes to keep a world title. For me, this fight is going to be another day at work and another victory.”

It is early to be talking about a Mayweather fight to be sure. However, because of Mayweather’s refusal to meet Manny Pacquiao he has faced a recent dearth of quality opposition. Mayweather operates seven pounds north at welterweight, a division that Garcia’s maturing body will soon force him into. Eleven years younger than Mayweather and gaining momentum, Garcia could be in line for a mega fight before “Money” hangs up his gloves next year.

While a Mayweather fight is nothing more than conjecture at this point, it is not outside the realm of possibility. Garcia is a young and explosive crowd pleaser and he and Mayweather share the same promoter. Furthermore, it sounds like he’s done some scouting on the style it will take to beat Mayweather.

“The fighters who give Floyd Mayweather problems are fighters with a good jab that just bounce a little bit,” explains Garcia. “De La Hoya just bounced a little bit and used his jab and he had success against Mayweather. When he stopped jabbing he lost the fight. And same thing with Miguel Cotto, he bounced a little on his feet, hit him with the jab and busted him a couple times. So, the fighters that bounce a little and use the jab have success against him.”

Many believe a fight against Mayweather would be rushing the young Garcia into a no-win situation. But as time goes on and as Garcia continues to impress it may be a bout that cannot be avoided.

“A lot of people want to see it now,” says Garcia of a Mayweather fight. “If the fight happens, it happens. A lot of people are saying I’m the most qualified to fight Floyd. But I tell people Floyd built his legacy fighting fighters of his own times and that’s what I want to do. I’m not going to sit here and call out Floyd Mayweather. It is what it is – and to be honest with you, right now, I gotta’ worry about Herrera.”

But somewhere a drum is beating.

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