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Danish singer songwriter MØ answers 18 important questions about herself

Get to know MØ
Get to know MØ

This past summer while diving deep into soundcloud, I stumbled across a badass chick with attitude and soul at the same time. Her name is MØ and she comes from Odense, on the island of Funen in Denmark. In March, Sony Music's latest investment will release her debut album 'No Mythologies To Follow'. Watch for her to pop up in the states this year 2014.

MØ cover photo

1. Were you born in Copenhagen? If so, have you always lived there?

Actually I wasn’t born in Copenhagen. I was born in a small suburb outside of a town called Odensem on the island of Funen in Denmark. I moved to Copenhagen 2 years ago. Though I sometimes miss the quiet sound of solitude, I like to live in Copenhagen a lot. It’s a great city.

2. How did you get involved in music?

I started writing songs when I was seven... I did that because I wanted to be like the Spice Girls (I was a huuuge fan back then), and then the music became my way of expressing myself... It’s more than just a passion. It became my drug in life.

3. What music were you influenced by as a child?

Well, as I said – the first band who really appealed to me was Spice girls, but before them I listened to my parent’s records – Sam Cook, Billie Holliday, The Doors... But it was, in that young age, acts like Spice Girls who truly sang to my young heart at that time. Then when I entered the teens, I got in to punk and left wing stuff, and suddenly my new heroes were Sonic Youth, Black Flag, Sex Pistols and so on and so forth (Sonic Youth are still my heroes!!).

4. How does it feel to have your EP Bikini Daze out for the world to hear?

It is great to finally have a release out there, and it’s a release that I’m very proud of ’cause I feel it is true to my vision and my spirit.

5. When did you start working on that project? Speak on how you got the idea?

I started the MØ project myself in 2009, but back then it was very different from what it is today! Back then it was crunky rap on trash beat and sweaty monotone R&B hooks... I’m swearing all the time in my lyrics, haha. Bu as the months went by I started realizing that I had to dig in to what I really wanted out of my music, letting more and more go of the superficiality. Then my manager hooked me up with Ronni Vindahl while I was In New York on an internship with my former punk band MOR (we were assisting JD Samson from former Le Tigra), and that was when the magic started to happen for real. I felt he could really understand my sound and translate it into great productions.

6. How did Diplo become part of your Bikini Daze EP?

Talking about New York – while I was there on this internship, my manager sent me a track that he said I just HAD to check out. It was “Get Free,” by Major Lazer, and it blew me away. I’ve been a massive Major Lazer fan ever since! I was then asked in an interview by DIY magazine, who my dream collab would be with. I answered Major Lazer, and a guy o Twitter afterwards tweeted Diplo, saying: "Please make this happen!”, and Diplo wrote him back "We luv her”... And that was how or collaboration started.

7. What inspired the title?

In April I went to Mallorca for a very short holiday. I needed some time to rest. But as lay there by the pool, looking at all the sloppy white tourists like myself, I realized how stupid we looked – All lying there in the sun, getting unburned, semi drunk and restless. It inspired me to write a song and the title "Bikini Daze” is taken from that song. It is about being young, dumb and privileged – not knowing what to do with yourself and your life, ’cause you have nothing to fight for... Just waiting by the pool for exciting things to happen.

8. Freedom #1 is my favorite song from the EP right now. Personally what does that record mean to you?

The song "Freedom #1” is – again – about being young and restless. About wanting to fuck things up, just to make a change, and about wanting to escape society and make your own destiny. To me, Freedom is to dare to be yourself – without compromising – and about being true to your dreams and the people you care about.

9. What is the follow up to Bikini Daze? What are you working on now?

I’ve just finished my debut album, which will be out in March. I’m super excited, and nervous, and freaked out and so on and so on... It’s the only thing I have in mind right now… apart from writing new songs of course.

10. Your currently touring all over Europe, do you plan on hoping over to the states to promote your ultra awesome material?

I would LOVE to go to the states! As soon as possible! As a child, my parents took me and my brother to the states a couple of times, ’cause they have good friends in Denver. I instantly fell in love with the nature and the culture in the big cities once I sat my foot there for the first time back then, so I hope the wind will take me there sometime soon.

11. Music currently on your iPod?

Unfortunately I don’t have an IPod, but at the moment, I listen a lot to a very cool band called The Growlers...

12. I noticed it is almost impossible to search you on Google without proper spelling of MØ. Lol (side note if they want to find you bad enough they will find it!) How does one go about finding the Ø on their keyboard?
Click on the box saying "How To Type Ø”

13. What show are you most excited to play coming up before the end of the year?

I would have said the Ausländer Music Festival in Brazil on the 7th of December, but unfortunately the Brazilian Embassy won’t let us have our Visas in time, so I’m not even sure that we will go there… that sucks.

14. What producers have y u been working with in the studio?
Been in the studio with Diplo, Max Hershenow (MS MR) and of course my main producer, the brilliant Ronni Vindahl, this year.

15. What could I expect at a session with you in the studio?
When I’m in studio with producers, we mostly just look into mix and produce ion, a d talk about the song, ’cause I record all the vocals myself. I record them in my vocal box at my parent’s house. I like to do my vocals by me self, so I can really let go and dig into the song and the emotions behind it.

16. Who would you love to collaborate with?

Uuuh – there’s a lot of great producers out there. I would die to do a collab with Blood Orange, The Weekend, Twin Shadow, SOHN, Cashmere Cat, Flume and/or SBTRKT…

17. In your opinion do you think songs have to make it to the radio to become popular?

No not at all… The world is controlled by the internet, so I would say it is the blogs/social networks etc. who decide. At least to some point.

18. What do these lyrics mean to you; the snow nation is eating your brain and your young heart, which is dark as the apocalypse. So just go, perished in the snøw."

It’s about being young, confused, restless and destructive -¬‐ a ravaging mind of a teenager. We live in a world with no mythologies to follow unless you are religious or something similar to that. We all have to find our own ways, and that can be tough as hell… Especially when you’re young and dumb.

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