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Danish Fastelavn Costume Party and for Cat in the Barrel Entertainments


This Nordic holidays fall seven weeks before the Easter which is a Sunday and where the citizens, in particular children, dress themselves up in Halloween costumes and the same can be purchased online at Kostumer og Udklaedning from their homes. The children enjoy most of the fun with the adults too extending a helping hand with games and family fun. There is of course the exchange of treats and certain ritualistic fun like children waking up their parents with some whacking. The climax is the ‘hitting the cat out of the barrel’ performed by children with parents and some adults helping them out with it.

There is the Fastelavn party that is famous for its colorful, Halloween like costumes and some look scary while others look exotic. The idea behind hitting the ‘cat out the barrel’ is to remind people that the deed has safeguarded them against any evil. Naturally, by wearing the Halloween costumes the people remind themselves about the presence of different evil forces.

The costumes are well tailored to meet the demands of the customers as the website at Kostumer gives you all the details.

Look for the right combination

You may look for the right combination of dresses at Kostumer site as there are party dresses, Halloween and other formal dresses for men, women and children. You may get some idea if you go through the contents of the site just beneath the pictures so as to choose the right type of dress you may wish to purchase. These are quality dresses and you may surely get them at affordable prices. After all, who would want to present themselves shabbily and in a mismatched way at a party?

You may need dresses for children and some of these are tailor made to suit the sizes of children of all ages. You may otherwise place a query through their website and wait for a response. You may give an order for a special type of dress of your choosing yet the same ought to be ordered quite in advance to avoid disappointments. The party dresses need not be restricted to Fastelavn party, but can be for other Danish events where a large part of the public are supposed to be attending.

As rightly called a costume party should be as creative as possible and at Kostumer og Udklaedning you would never be disappointed as they have quite a good range of the most fantastic dresses.

Dressing up to the occasion

You ought to make up your mind beforehand as to which type of costume you prefer and the website Kostumer may give you some tips. However, you may send a picture of special type of devil costumes, costumes worn by circus clowns and costumes of wild animals apart from dresses and apparels suitable for only royal families and super stars. Although slightly expensive than the usual dresses these costumes make you more of a proud wearer of cloths of fantasy.

The children costumes are even more decorative and resemble art work that cannot be done by ordinary sellers of apparels. Although there wouldn’t be any actual cat in the barrel as there will only be a substitute in the form of decorations with oranges and sweets, nevertheless the chances of the dresses spoiling for the Fastelavn party is high and hence it would be better to choose two costumes to mark the two events.

When you place the order at Kostumer you may look out for any special discounts or offers and when you purchase the material make sure that it could be used for other occasions too.

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