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Danielle Bradbery in role reversal at high school

Danielle Bradbery visits schools across the nation to promote music education
Danielle Bradbery visits schools across the nation to promote music education
Terry Wyatt, Getty Images

Danielle Bradbery recently wrapped up a week of visiting five high schools, including the one she attended before she became a contestant on “The Voice.” Billboard reported on March 11 that Daniele Bradbery teamed up with the Give A Note Foundation to help spread the message of the importance of music education to students, parents, and school leaders.

During her five-city tour, Daniele Bradbery once again walked the halls of Cypress Ranch High School in Houston, this time as a music mentor instead of a student. The role-reversal was a strange experience for Bradbery, who said:

I always sat in the auditorium and watched things happen on stage, and would think to myself that I didn’t know how I could ever do that. Now that I’m up there and giving advice to students now on a whole other level, it’s surprising to me. I never thought I would get to this point.

Daniele Bradbery was undoubtedly an inspiration to other teens who may be singing in their bedrooms like she once was, too shy to sing in front of anyone else. When she arrived on NBC’s “The Voice,” Daniele Bradbery wowed Blake Shelton with her cover of Taylor Swift’s “Mean” and blew him away altogether when she said she’d never sang in front of anyone before.

From then on, Daniele Bradbery seemed to breeze through Season 4 of “The Voice,” eventually becoming the winner. Her story is bound to inspire other kids, and hopefully music educators as well. All too often, music programs are cut from under-funded schools or at the very least, their benefits aren’t widely praised. Hopefully, Danielle Bradbery’s message of persistence and hard work in combination with the tour’s message of all the ways music enhances student learning and touches people’s lives will get educators to think twice before dismissing the importance of music education.

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