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'Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood': 'Meet the New Baby' special opens season 2

Daniel Tiger and Baby Margaret
Daniel Tiger and Baby Margaret
PBS Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood

PBS’s top rated animated series, “Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood welcomes a new addition to the Tiger Family when Daniel Tiger, his family and friends welcomes Daniel’s little sister, Margaret. The new baby arrives in the one hour PBS season 2 premiere of the show on Monday, August 18th.

After the “Meet the New Baby” special, the show will premiere two more all new episodes on Tuesday, August 19, and Wednesday, August 20. Those shows will focus on Daniel and his family as they adjust to life with the baby.

The show, which is for preschoolers age 2 to 4, tackles the subject of big brotherhood or big sisterhood in the most common ways to help families help prepare for the arrival of a new baby.

(****************************************Spoiler Alert************************************)

In the episode, Daniel learns responsibility, like feeding his pet fish before his parents remind him to. He also discovers that he is taller than he was before. This helps him grow on the outside and on the inside. We see his parents having the important conversation with him where they sit him down and talk to him to tell him about the baby. As his parents prepare for the baby, Daniel helps them in a number of ways, including helping to set up the nursery. In the episode Daniel gets to help paint and get the nursery ready for his sister. He paints a special star for his sister, he learns from his “grand pare” by creating a music present of a music notebook from his sister.

Daniel’s parents take him to school and he tells his teachers and friends that they are having a new baby in the family. Once the baby arrival is near, Daniel’s parents take the trolley to Dr. Anna’s while Daniel stays with his grandfather who he calls his grandpare. They then get a call to go to Dr. Anna’s to meet the baby.

The show hopes to help families prepare for a new baby because they know that many preschool kids are experiencing some of the same issues as Daniel will face with a new younger sibling in the house, such as feeling left out, learning to share time and attention, and appreciating how fun a little sister (or brother) can be – with accompanying strategies that help preschoolers work through their feelings.

“Meet the New Baby” debuts on PBS stations nationwide and on the PBS KIDS Video Player, the PBS KIDS Video App, Apple TV and PBS KIDS’ Roku channel on Monday, August 18.

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