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Daniel Radcliffe Would Love to Play Robin to Ben Affleck's Batman

There's no indication that Robin will be anywhere near 2016's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which is probably for the best as there are already too many Justice League characters to sort through. But with rumors of Ben Affleck leading a solo Batman film in 2019 anything is possible, and one actor who thinks he'd make for an awesome Boy Wonder is Daniel Radcliffe.

Would Daniel Radcliffe make a good Robin?

Speaking with Buzzfeed, Radcliffe jokingly commented that if he were going to be in another franchise he'd like for it to be as Robin opposite Ben Affleck's "Dark Knight"....

“Batman. If they do that again, I’ll do that too. It’s happening isn’t it? With Ben Affleck. I could be Robin. I’m perfect.”

Obviously he wasn't being serious but the comment has many wondering what a Radcliffe/Affleck superhero team-up could be like. It's far less likely Radcliffe would be asked to play Robin than it would be for him to be Batman's older sidekick, Nightwing. And let's not forget Radcliffe has a long, successful history with Warner Bros. due to the Harry Potter movies, so one never knows. Maybe he will get asked to be a part of their DC Universe at some point, maybe in one of the other movies they are said to be planning. Recent reports have a Shazam film on the way, along with a Flash/Green Lantern crossover. Radcliffe has expressed interest in playing the Flash before.

Radcliffe will be seen next opposite Zoe Kazan in the romantic comedy ,What If. After that he'll lead an adaptation of Joe Hill's horror novel, Horns, which debuts this fall, and he'll star as Igor in Max Landis' Victor Frankenstein film.

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