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Daniel Radcliffe falls for friend and knitter Zoe Kazan in "What If"

Knitting has been seen sporadically in television and commercials recently, like one featuring Subway-goers one-upping each other in their avocado adoration. The latest place knitting has been spotted is in the trailer for a film slated for release later this summer.

In "What If" Kazan shows of her knitting as well as her acting skills.
CBS Films

What If” is a romantic comedy that asks a classic question of the genre: what if the love of your life is actually your best friend? Daniel Radcliffe, who will always be known to millions of Harry Potter fans as the boy wizard, plays Wallace, a medical school dropout who has lost faith in romance. His cynicism is further confirmed when he meets and hits it off with his roommate’s cousin, Chantry, played by Zoe Kazan, only to discover that she already has a boyfriend.

So with a handshake rather than a goodnight kiss, Wallace and Chantry embark on the latest attempt by men and women to be “just friends”. Wallace’s roommate and Chantry’s boyfriend are not convinced that it’s possible, and neither are Chantry’s friends, who are seen discussing Wallace while knitting in what appears to be a yarn store. In 2010, Kazan told The New York Times Style Magazine blog T that knitting was one of the many things she keeps busy with in her spare time. “I get bored easily…I used to knit; now I write.”

To take a closer look at what Kazan and her castmates are knitting, and to find out whether Wallace will ever make it out of the friend zone, movie-going knitters in the US will have to wait until the film is released, August 8th.

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