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Daniel Moone, a young man with a good mission

Daniel Moone, founder of alternate energy recruitment firm, Allos, Inc.
Daniel Moone, founder of alternate energy recruitment firm, Allos, Inc.
Photo: Daniel Moone

The world is in need of healing, and we can see this from the fall out of our exhausted economy and the environmental concerns that keep popping up each and every day. Luckily, there is an entire generation of young people who feel this more than ever. And most are courageous enough to take a stand and accept their calling, to help the human population explore and find better ways to go about daily business.

Most are looking toward ‘greener’ solutions to subsist and support our planet. But how do so many of them know how to tackle such a monumental task? Well, many realize that healing starts from within. And in order to solve the bigger issues in the world, it takes exploration and responsibility of oneself, to begin the journey.

Daniel Moone is one of the many young pioneers who are choosing to build their lives in more meaningful ways. Philanthropist, self-expression and leadership coach and founder of the alternative energy recruitment firm, Allos, Inc., Daniel sure has his hands full. And through each of his pursuits, he chooses to work toward an over-arcing mission, to “bring happiness and prosperity to the world.” But it took some inward reflection and a little nudge from a friend before he found the right tools to get him where he is today.

Moone’s career in coaching began when he took some courses with Landmark Education, a global enterprise offering training for people who want to enhance the quality of their lives and their surrounding communities.“I was working at T-Mobile in Evanston, IL when I met a man named Dave,” says Moone, about his now close friend and the individual responsible for turning him on to Landmark. Dave told him, “you will be very successful one day, and I think this will help you achieve your goals.”

So Daniel signed up for the forum and soon found, “each program to be effective in certain areas of my life.” And by the end of his training, Moone said, “ I realized that I was the sole contributor to my inability to be focused and committed to my work.” Not only did Daniel’s training supply him with new tools on how to approach his life goals, he also saw an increase in his productivity and communication skills. Areas vital to running a business.

Moone applies a lot of what he learned from Landmark to his own company, Allos, Inc. “We are seeing an increase in demand for alternate energy sources,” Moone states. A growing industry where companies are working hard to research and test for resources that will help sustain life and make the planet a little more ‘green.’ Daniel finds pure satisfaction from his work and explains, “it takes up quite a bit of time, connecting people with their dream jobs, but it has proven to be well-worth the investment.” Not only an investment for himself, but one for generations to come.

Aside from his coaching career and business ventures, this young professional finds time to give back to communities where there is dire need. “I am a big supporter of the Make-A-Wish Foundation and charity water foundations,” Moone says. “I would love to see both organizations achieve their ultimate goals by a few more people donating their money and time.”

Daniel Moone is amongst a generation of young people who understand that our current systems must change in order for our planet to persist in a more fruitful way. And that success stems from the realization that it is paramount to know yourself and where your gifts remain before setting out to accomplish any task, large or small. Taking the time to build a good foundation from within can affect not only your world, but the world around you too. And as many know, it can have tremendous results.

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