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Daniel Holtzclaw's family responds to local preacher's blog

Daniel Holtzclaw
Daniel Holtzclaw

Daniel Holtclaw is in jail at this time facing multiple charges. He was booked on three complaints of forcible sodomy, two complaints of indecent exposure, first-degree rape, first-degree rape by instrumentation and two counts of sexual battery. This Oklahoma City police officer is innocent until proven guilty, but one local preacher took to his blog to speak out about his thoughts on the case. On Wednesday, the family of Daniel Holtzlcaw reached out to Examiner to defend their son against accusations made in this blog.

The blog that was posted on Saturday speaks out about how the preacher thinks that Daniel might believe he is above the law. It states, “For example, there was a widespread rumor that Daniel took steroids in high school to give him an edge on the football field. I don't know if it was true, but I heard the rumor multiple times from various people during the years Daniel played football for Enid High School.”

Daniel’s father Eric Holtzclaw spoke out about this vicious rumor. He shared that the NCAA requires all Division I athletes to go through drug testing. Daniel played four years of college football and never once failed a test. Before getting hired at the Oklahoma City Police Department, he worked as a personal trainer. Daniel is very well trained on how to eat properly and weight train to keep in shape. As a police officer, random drug testing would occur as well. The family feels this is just another example of how Daniel Holtzclaw is being tried in the court of public opinion before the facts of the cases are revealed.

Even though Daniel Holtzlcaw is behind bars, he is still hearing about all of the things that are being said in the media today. His father also shared saying, “Daniel was disappointed that a man of faith would say something like this blog says about him. He knew his daughter growing up and never expected this negative press from him.”

Daniel’s lawyer Scott Adams also shared with Examiner saying, “As an example of the outrageous allegations so far in this case check out this report on News 9.” This story shows a woman saying that Holtclaw assaulted her as well. She states he was in a police car and uniform. Back on June 18, Daniel was placed on administrative leave with pay and has not had a police car or worked the streets since then. It is not possible that he attempted to rape her during the time frame that she says it happened in.

Holtzclaw is expected to have charges filed on him by Friday and at this time his attorney is working hard to get the bond reduced. Right now his bond amount is set at $5 million. Daniel Holtzclaw is vigorously denying the allegations against him.

Update: The local preacher has since removed his blog and also issued a letter of apology to Daniel and the entire Holtzclaw family for putting this out there in the first place. Holtzclaw is now at home on bond awaiting trial.

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