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Daniel Holtzclaw's family speaks out about GoFundMe dropping them

Daniel Holtzclaw
Daniel Holtzclaw

Daniel Holtzclaw is an Oklahoma City police officer who is being accused of sexual assault. On Wednesday, M Live shared that they were able to get his bond dropped from the original amount of $5 million down to only $500,000. The family and friends of Daniel Holtzclaw have been working hard to raise money to use for his defense and bail, but now GoFundMe has dropped them from their site with no explanation.

On Thursday, Examiner spoke with Daniel's sister Jenny Holtzclaw who explained what happened. She shared saying, "I do want to emphasize we are VERY upset with GoFundMe as they APPROVED our site before it was even published!!! They manually approve every profile. Within just a few days we had more than $7,000 raised." The family has tried to contact them, but they are not getting any answers.

Jenny also shared saying, "They would not comment back when I emailed them several times yet their support on their Contact Us page states they contact people within 5 minutes! It looks like clearly they have caved into the media hype and social pressure rather than stand on the principle that a person is innocent until proven guilty." The family is still raising money for Daniel though and it can be sent to via Paypal.

The only contact that the family has had with GoFundMe was an e-mail explaining that they are closing the account. The reason that they shared was it contained a subject matter they do not want to be associated with, but they never answered Jenny's attempts to contact them. This has some people wondering about using them in the future for their fundraising needs.

GoFundMe did speak to The Ann Arbor News. They said that if they got a lot of complaints on a page then they will investigate it. They shared that every single review is done on a case by case basis and they decided to remove this one. They do not explain why they came to that decision though.

KFOR shared that the family had raised over $7,500 when GoFundMe shut them down. They are also selling T-Shirts to help raise money. At this time, Daniel is still in jail on $500,000 bond.

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