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Daniel Greene scheduled for lethal injection, requests last meal

Daniel Greene is scheduled to be executed April 19.
Georgia Department of Corrections

UPDATE: Subsequent to the publication of this original article, based on earlier information from 11 Alive News in Atlanta, it has been confirmed by UGA Senior Associate Athletic Director of Sports Communications Claude Felton that, to his knowledge, the Daniel Greene in this report did not play football for the University of Georgia. Please visit this link for additional information.

Daniel Greene is scheduled to die Thursday, April 19, by lethal injection at 7 p.m. at the Georgia Diagnostic and Classification Prison in Jackson.

Greene was sentenced to death after killing 19-year-old Bernard Walker during a 1991 hold-up in Taylor County. Greene robbed the register at the Suwanee Thrifty store of $142, then took the clerk to a back room and stabbed her. The clerk did survive but, unfortunately, Walker, who was attempting to help the clerk, did not survive the attack by Greene, who stabbed him in the heart.

Following the robbery and killing, Greene drove to the home of Willie and Donice Montgomery in Macon County. The couple had once employed the 6-foot-5, 350-pound Greene as a farm laborer. Greene broke into the couple’s home, stole their car keys, and proceeded to stab the couple multiple times; the Montgomerys did survive the attack.

After leaving the couple’s home, Greene drove to a second convenience store in Warner Robins, robbing the register and stabbing the clerk in the back of the shoulder. She survived and Greene fled the scene.

Ultimately, Greene was arrested at the home of a relative, and gave a videotaped statement, confessing to the crimes. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that court records indicated Greene said he needed money to purchase crack cocaine.

Due to pre-trial publicity, Greene was tried in Clayton County in 1992.

Greene has requested fried chicken, French fries, a strawberry sundae and soda as his last meal.


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