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‘Daniel Crosby’ pretrial notice SPAM email sent using's address

Well, will the spammers ever stop trying to phish and spam?

On Tuesday, January 21, 2014, a email named eerily “Pretrial Notice” from email address contained the following scary-sounding text, no doubt to untold millions of people:

Notice to appear in court,

Please take notice that you have to come to the hearing of your case that will be held in the Court of Washington on February 13, 2014.

The subject of the hearing "illegal use of software".

Your attendance is required.

You may find the detailed pretrial notice attached to this letter,cyou are highly recommended to study it thoroughly in advance.

Recording secretary,

Daniel Crosby

Hovering over the attachment, however, shows a ZIP file, which means it can contain all manner of dangerous executable software, so a download of the document is not recommended.

A Google search for the name of the supposed “recording secretary” does not turn up "Daniel Crosby" in a “” search of the entire site, so this is probably a very fake way that scammers are trying to get at your information.

Real lawyers would not need to try and access a person who is the center of a lawsuit or trial in this manner – and they’d certainly have a lot more information in the footer and closing signature than this email contains.

Back to the drawing board, safely. And remember those teens who were nabbed in the Target credit card breach. Crime doesn’t pay. Stay safe, web surfers and email openers.

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