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Daniel Bryan walks away from WWE Wrestlemania 30 as world champion

According to an Apr. 6 report from SB Nation, Daniel Bryan was the big winner at Wrestlemania 30.

Bryan, 32, defeated Triple H in the opening bout at Wrestlemania 30, which earned him a spot against Batista and Randy Orton in the main event.

Just two hours later, Bryan emerged victorious in the Wrestlemania 30 main event by pinning Batista.

Against all odds, Bryan is now the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Orton, the former WWE heavyweight champ, wasn't much of a factor in the Wrestlemania 30 main event, as Bryan neutralized him with leg kicks and strikes to the body.

Bryan has been held down by the WWE for several years now, since he's not the prototypical pro wrestler. Standing just 5-foot-8, with a meager 215-pound body frame, Bryan is a bit undersized to be a WWE champion.

However, WWE Universe absolutely loves him and the WWE brass couldn't hold him down any longer.

In the days and weeks ahead, it will be interesting to see how the WWE plays it with Bryan as champion.

Part of Bryan's appeal is that he's a lovable underdog. Now that he's world champion, he loses some of his appeal as an underdog.

Can it work with Bryan as WWE heavyweight champ? Time will tell how the situation plays out, but most WWE fans think it'll be just a matter of time before the belt gets stripped away from Bryan by another tricky scheme from Triple H.

Also on the Wrestlemania 30 main card, Brock Lesnar snapped The Undertaker's 21-year Wrestlemania win streak, and Cesaro won the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal.

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