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Daniel Bryan to have surgery!

Daniel Bryan
Reed Pictures

This past Monday night WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan made an announcement that he will undergo neck surgery this week. Although not reported by WWE or Bryan, is saying it is a minor neck injury that should only keep him out of the ring from 6-8 weeks.

This is a big road block in the momentum the champion has developed since Wrestlemania. I hate to see anyone go down for a month or two (anyone that's name doesn't rhyme with no, I kid! No one should have to suffer with any kind of pain...I'm being honest!) It'll be interesting to see what the WWE will do with the title till he can recover (or blame him for the low buyrates again....why don't you have the WWE Network???). I hope he recovers and comes back to us so we can enjoy watching the Best In The World every week instead of on Talking Dead (That's right, I went there). Get well soon champ!

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