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Daniel Bryan says 'the machine' kept him out of Royal Rumble

According to a Jan. 26 report from, the Pittsburgh crowd on hand for Royal Rumble did everything it could to let WWE officials know they wanted to see Daniel Bryan wrestle in the 30-man competition.

Many wrestling fans on hand for the Royal Rumble were booing loudly when Rey Mysterio ran out as the final contestant in the show, as his entrance meant that Bryan would not be pulling double duty on the card.

Bryan, 32, lost to Bray Wyatt in the first bout of the Royal Rumble card, but the Pittsburgh crowd obviously wanted to see more of him as the night went along.

Throughout the evening, the Pittsburgh crowd chanted "Daniel Bryan, Daniel Bryan!"

They were clearly hoping Bryan would compete in the 30-man Royal Rumble, to test his skills against the likes of CM Punk and Kofi Kingston.

Unfortunately, it wasn't meant to be.

Immediately after Batista won the Royal Rumble, Bryan took to Twitter to explain why he wasn't in the competition.

Bryan said "the machine" kept him out of the Royal Rumble.

However, it's not clear at present time if Bryan was just following a script with his tweet, or if it was his true feelings coming out.

"Sorry guys, the machine wanted me nowhere near the Royal Rumble match. But I thank everyone for their support. YOU are the #YESMovement," Bryan tweeted following the Royal Rumble.

Bryan then told the WWE Universe to continue to voice their opinions via social media.

"They try to keep US down and away from the top spots, but they can’t ignore the reactions forever. Keep voicing your opinions. #YESMovement," Bryan tweeted.

Bryan may not have been in this year's Royal Rumble, but he clearly made a name for himself and earned some respect from the Pittsburgh fans on hand.

Hopefully the WWE powers that be will listen to what the fans are saying and made the proper adjustments in the years ahead.

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