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Daniel Bryan's status for WWE 'Money in the Bank,' two possible ladder matches

Will Daniel Bryan be able to defend his title?
Will Daniel Bryan be able to defend his title?

Many have been wondering whether or not Daniel Bryan would be able to recover from neck surgery quick enough to wrestle at WWE "Money in the Bank" on June 29, 2014. According to WrestleZone on June 9, 2014, news backstage is that Bryan has not been medically cleared and will not be able to wrestle against Kane in a stretcher match at the pay-per-view.

WWE has been putting together a back-up plan in case this happened, and it is very possible that stripping Bryan of the title could be the "Big Announcement" planned to start "Monday Night Raw."

The back-up plan in case Bryan can't wrestle is to have the "Money in the Bank" ladder match actually be for the WWE World Heavyweight Title. Usually, the match is held for a briefcase that holds a contract for a title shot at the title whenever the winner wants it over the course of a year.

With this situation coming to light and Daniel Bryan's injury most likely keeping him off of the PPV, WWE is discussing the rest of the card as well.

It has been reported that WWE is also looking at having another "Money in the Bank" ladder match aside from the title match. The second ladder match would be for the briefcase holding the contract for the title shot.

WWE knows that the "chase" that comes from a superstar holding the briefcase is very popular and provides a number of storylines.

As for Daniel Bryan, doctors informed him late last week that he wouldn't be able to compete and that his neck is actually not doing very well. Some sources say WWE already know who they want to replace Bryan as WWE champion, but the main source could not confirm the name.

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