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Daniel Bryan: Former WWE champ holds down burglar with submission move

Daniel Bryan may be injured, but he's protecting his home.
Photo by Jason Merritt

Daniel Bryan is currently on the shelf due to a neck injury and a couple of surgeries that are going to keep him out of action for a while, but that won't stop him from protecting his home. Fox News reported on July 26, 2014, that Bryan chased two burglars exiting his home in Phoenix, Arizona, and actually subdued one with a submission move until the police arrived.

No, it wasn't his signature "Yes! Lock" submission move, but he did use a rear naked choke to get 22-year-old Cesar Sosa to stay in place.

Daniel Bryan and his wife, Brianna (Brie Bella in WWE), were just driving into the carport of their home when they saw a door begin to open. Th couple then ran inside their home to check and make sure their dog, Josie, was alright.

"I saw the guys running out the back. I chased them. I caught one of them. I kept him until police got there," Danielson said.

Due to the fact that Sosa "wasn't in very good shape" per Bryan, he said "it didn't take much" to hold him down and keep him in place.

TMZ says that Bryan got rather emotional because he was glad that he was able to stop the burglars from taking a bracelet his father had given him. Daniel Bryan's father just passed away a couple of months ago, and the situation is still very hard.

The police were already on their way because about 10 minutes before Bryan and his wife arrived, their neighbors had called them to report some suspicious activity.

Brianna said that she found Josie hiding in a bathroom as she went to check on her while Bryan went after the intruders.

"I got really angry at first," Danielson said. "They're actually lucky that I got them instead of Brie, because she probably would have been a little more violent."

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