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Danica Patrick turns into Spyder woman to save celebs

Danica Patrick signs with Can-Am Spyder as part of new ad campaign.
Wikimedia Commons

Gene Haas may not be interested in moving Danica Patrick back to open car racing, but that hasn’t stopped her from racing to the rescue of celebrities being stalked by paparazzi on her new 3-wheeled Can-Am Spyder motorcycle, as part of a “tongue-in-cheek online campaign deal with the bike’s manufacturer.

The promo piece has Patrick picking up Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler away from a restaurant on the three-wheeled roadster dubbed "The Paparazzi Escape Vehicle." Aerosmith star Steven Tyler calls and gets whisked away outside a restaurant.

"It's just a joke that we're taking to an extreme," says Patrick. When you're famous paparazzi is part of life," says Patrick, in a phone interview with USA Today."They have a way of finding out where you are."

Although the public’s fascination with Patrick has begun to fade since she switched over to NASCAR, Can-Am Spyder is hoping that she still has enough “star power” to draw attention to their motorcycles, which retail for $15,000-$30,000, with the innovative and fun-themed ad. In fact, the company is offering a “one week free service “get away from the paparrazi” in the Los Angeles-area for both celebs and (perhaps) regular folk who call them at 1-844-SPYDER-LA. As a means of getting them to test drive the vehicles. However, those who do phone in for the service should not expect to see Patrick behind the wheel when they are “rescued.”

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