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Danica Patrick Super Bowl: 13th Super Bowl ad shows star with bulk bodybuilders

The latest Danica Patrick Super Bowl ad marks the NASCAR star’s 13th official appearance in an advertisement for the popular sports event, cementing her as the celebrity who has been featured in the most Super Bowl commercials ever this week. Although fans had heard early rumors this time around Patrick wouldn’t be looking sexy as usual, those rumors turned out to be true, as she instead appears looking quite bulk with a number of ripped bodybuilders. The CS Monitor shares details this Friday, Jan. 24, 2014, on this trending video spot, and why GoDaddy decided to showcase Patrick in a muscle suit rather than a steamy strip down.

Danica Patrick in 2014 Super Bowl ad
GoDaddy Facebook, CS Monitor Photo

Danica Patrick’s very first Super Bowl spot took place all the way back in 2007, though GoDaddy officially began using the Super Bowl to advertise two years earlier in a Janet Jackson “wardrobe malfunction” parody. While most fans claimed to be unsure what GoDaddy was selling, the ads nonetheless were a big hit with the public. That popularity rose only higher once the NASCAR star made her first major appearance.

This 2014, a usually risqué GoDaddy commercial was replaced with one full of brawn and power instead. The Danica Patrick Super Bowl ad left the athlete’s 13th appearance with a number of bulk bodybuilders as a ripped Hollywood action star, traveling with the bronzed lifters to visit a local spray-tan business.

“In the clip, Patrick was expertly stuffed into a muscle suit made by a company that created special effects for movies like ‘Iron Man 3,’ looking not unlike the bodybuilders surrounding her. GoDaddy has purchased two 30-second spots, one for each half of the championship game between Seattle and Denver. Patrick's latest ads are a new makeover for her sponsor company, GoDaddy. Since Blake Irving took over as CEO last January, he's tried to shift GoDaddy's advertising focus toward its actual company message.”

The theme for the Danica Patrick Super Bowl advertisement this year was an aptly named “It’s Go Time.” It is meant to showcase the idea that GoDaddy can help small business entrepreneurs find success online, revealing women this time around starring as independent, capable, small-business owners.

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