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Danica McKellar didn't know Jeremy Miller dumped Candace for her

Danica McKellar
Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images

"Dancing With the Stars" 2014 shared news last night about a big love triangle. It turns out that Candace Cameron Bure was dumped by Jeremy Miller so he could date Danica McKellar. On March 17, E! Online shared the news that Danica didn't know this happened until about a week ago.

They both dated Jeremy Miller but back when they were around the age of 13. He was on the show "Growing Pains." Danica said that she did know that Candace was Jeremy's ex-girlfriend, but she didn't know that when he broke up with her it was because he wanted to date Danica. That was all news to her.

Danica and Candace are still great friends though and it doesn't seem to bother them. They hugged it out last night and laughed about their past. The girls don't see it as a big love triangle at all and have both happily moved on.

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