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Dangers of the choking game: Help protect your children

Choking gesture
Choking gesture
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Lifetime is helping to bring light the scary game that teenagers play called the choking game. On Friday, Pacific Sun shared about a new movie called "The Choking Game" that will talk about the dangers of this game and how it can affect your child. As a parent, you need to be aware of the problems that come with this and protect your children.

In the movie, a girl will start doing this game to get popular. Kids do it because they want to get a high from it. It is a way to feel high without using drugs or huffing paint. They think that it is harmless, but don't realize how it can take your life if you aren't careful.

GASP Info is a website made to try and help prevent people from dying from participating in this game. The site explains that most people do not understand how dangerous this game can be. They are working hard to make the information about this game become part of the DARE program that is shared with children all over the United States.

You are supposed to release pressure right before you pass out, but kids aren't always doing that and this is what makes them end up taking their own life. There is a big chance of seizure, stroke and falling when you pass out even if you don't die from doing it. You kill brain cells by doing this and of course that isn't good either.

The best way to keep your children safe from the choking game is to make sure that they understand how dangerous it can be to them. If they just try it at a party or at school, they might not realize it can result in death. Their friends will tell them that it is okay and there is nothing to worry about by doing it. Make sure that they know the possibility of death is there and not to do it before they are put in the situation. Don't think that your child will never hear about it because this is spreading throughout schools everywhere. Keep your kids safe.