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Dangers of Refined Sugars and Healthy Sugar/Sweetner Substitutes to Replace Them

The killer, the culprit, convicted in Charles' court of health.
The killer, the culprit, convicted in Charles' court of health.
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Sugar is America's most popular food additive and is found in most manufactured foods.  If you check the ingredients on most manufactured food products you will find refined sugars listed such as fructose, glucose, lactose, maltose, or sucrose.

What is refined sugar?

Refined sugar is a processed element where sucrose from plant material is extracted, separating the raw sugar from unwanted plant materials leaving a nutritionally void by-product.  Often refined sugar is bleached and carbon dioxide is added to it to create what we know as table sugar, seen in cafe's all over America.  Does raw sugar = healthy?  Nope, and neither is it a natural or organic product.

Problems caused by refined sugars!

Refined sugars are linked to many health problems. These are just a few of the dangers: tooth decay, obesity, hypoglycemia, diabetes, depletes the immune system, and it is linked to several types of cancers.  Are any of these symptoms worthy of the convenience of refined sugars?

But I love the sweet stuff!  What can I do?

Some healthy substitutes to refined sugars are organic agave nectar, stevia, or organic clover honey.  Agave nectar works great in cooking, baking, and mixing in drinks (click here for some delicious milk drink recipes).  You can find these items at Colorado Springs' local Sunflower Farmer's Market (1730 Dublin Boulevard, 719.590.8890), Natural Grocer's, or Whole Foods.

For more information of refined sugars click here.  If you're curious about other sweetener substitutes, such as Splenda, and how they negatively affect the body click here.  For any other questions, comments, or concerns feel free to e-mail me at


  • Cindy 5 years ago

    Wow! I was unaware that sugar could be the cause of my arthritis and reduce my immune systems capabilities.

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