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Dangerous Toys: LIVE! At the Red-Eyed Fly!

Dangerous Toys!
Dangerous Toys!
Tommy Pons

          Dangerous Toys, Austin's hard-rock heroes, will be rockin' the house on Saturday, December 4th at the Red-Eyed Fly in Austin's Red River District. The 'Toys released four studio records between 1989 & 1995, garnering two gold records for their two major-label releases on Columbia Records. They generally perform two "reunion" shows a year in their hometown of Austin, TX & also play a few scattered festival dates throughout the calendar year. They have had the same lineup since '93 when Paul Lidel of Dirty Looks took over for original guitarist Danny Aaron. Jason McMaster, Scott Dalhover, Mike Watson & Mark Geary round-out one of the best hard-rock bands of their time & space.

          D. Toys will be cranking out tunes from all four of their studio records & in the past they've been known to pull out a number of hidden treasures as well. Songs that appeared on movie soundtracks, demos, unreleased material, etc. So you never know what you're gonna get. But you will hear the songs that made them famous; 'Teas'n, Pleas'n,' 'Scared,' 'Sportin' A Woody,' 'Gimme No Lip,' etc. Expect a rock-solid show spanning a good hour & a half, if not more. Snake Skin Prison, a band definitely worth checking out, will be opening up. All the information you need to attend one of the last & best rock shows of 2010 can be viewed below. This show will sell-out. Get your tickets now! See ya at the show...

Red-Eyed Fly

715 Red River Street

Austin, TX 78701

Tel. (512) 474-1084

Fax (512) 474-1261

E-Mail (


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