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Dangerous Mission in the Drug Cartels to Save a Loved One in Wetta's Thriller

If you have been searching for a worth-reading thriller that will keep you glued to the pages for hours, then Daniel Wetta’s “Corvette Nightfire,” the second book in “The Z Redemption” Trilogy, is the perfect novel for you.

“Corvette Nightfire” picks up from where “The Z Redemption” ended. The eponymous character goes to Las Vegas to play Texas Holdem in the Final Nine in the World Series of Poker. But soon after he arrives to his destination, he finds himself involved in a dangerous international vortex of intrigues. Corvette’s life changes completely after he meets Valentina in what could be considered a rather unconventional manner. Gunshots echo in the casino, then this beautiful exotic-looking woman exits the building, throws a heavy bag in Corvette’s arms, and quickly instructs him in Spanish.

Daniel Wetta’s novel isn’t just a fast-paced thriller; it also has a romantic dimension. Corvette and Valentina’s feelings for each other keep growing, although he doesn’t speak Spanish and she doesn’t speak English. However, words can’t put a barrier between the two. On the evening when they meet, Valentina tells Corvette her story through dancing. Now, the protagonist feels that he must use his skills as a poker player for a far bigger purpose: to save the woman he loves from a cold-hearted killer.

“Corvette Nightfire” includes some of the characters from “The Z Redemption” (such as David James, Enrique Santos, Ana Valdez, and President Donald Austin Blair), to which new ones are added given the nature of Corvette’s dangerous mission: some of them represent the law and others represent the drug cartels. Daniel Wetta’s thriller beautifully combines themes like loyalty, duality, passion, and self-discovery. Several types of culture are covered in the novel: Mexican culture, drug culture, and casino/Las Vegas culture.

“Corvette Nightfire” can be found on Amazon. Also, for more information on the author and his work, you may visit his site.

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