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Dangerous Dog Ordinance meeting Albany Georgia


I am not 100% sure if I reported accurate information in the story I published on January 27th about the Dangerous Dog Ordinance meeting in Albany Georgia. I was told by Deborah Brown in the city manager’s office, they are not accepting speaker applications as the agenda is set.

However today when I was notified that an advocate did get on the agenda I called back to clarify the confusion. Ms. Brown stated she was just telling me what City Manager Taylor told her so I requested to speak with him. He took my call and informed me that they allow two speakers per session and they already have two for next week’s meeting but one spot is available for the workshop on February 18th.

When asked about the questions I emailed him he said I would have to refer those to the city commissioners. He also stated “we have received forty thousand emails, we have heard it all. If we allowed you all to speak you would say the same thing”. I politely disagree Manager Taylor. There is a well-respected Albany veterinarian, a leader of a rescue group in Terrell county that has seen firsthand the adverse effects of this kind of ordinance , an expert from Atlanta on BSL and I was going to speak about mandatory spay and neuter programs. SO you we see, we are not only going to talk about the same thing. This is a multi-faceted issue.

When you add this to the comments made by the assistant city manager yesterday

( one must wonder if the ones making the decisions are truly informed.

We are asking everyone who can to show at this meeting, even if we cannot speak, we must be seen.

The meeting will be held at:

Albany Government City Building

222 Pine Avenue

Room 120

Albany Georgia

Date: February 4th, 2014

Time: doors open at 8:15 Meeting begins at 8:30 am

We are encouraging all advocates to wear blue so we can find each other and try to arrive no later than 8am.

For more details on this issue click:

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