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Dangerous Curves Plus Sized Belly Dancer Convention this weekend

Bright Blessings!

Many dancers in the Southeaster Michigan Pagan community cross over with our local Belly Dance community.
M. Summers given to M. Belladonna
Adina Gamal
Adina Gamal

This weekend marks the first annual Dangerous Curves Plus Sized Belly Dancer Convention to be held right here in Detroit. Hosted by Adina Gamal and Co Director Yasaman Vrd'dhi, it promises to be an event to behold for local Southeastern Michigan lovers of Goddess Dance. With dancers from across the country, it is definitely a one of a kind experience not to be missed.

Long a tradition within our communities here, Belly Dance has been adopted and integrated into many of the groves, and circles, in our area as a celebration of the deity within themselves. Going back as far as the Pagan/Feminist partnership of the Flower Power days, many who remember agree with the view that

"the feminist movement, in the 1970s and 1980s in the USA, rediscovered belly dance as a form of dance that empowers women"

In a time and society when the curves of beautifully full figured women are subjected to scorn, these women have stepped up to dazzle everyone with a celebration of the beauty of this art with pride and boldness. Many in our local Pagan community have been involved with this project, some as far away as Ohio, some as close as Brighton, and all have celebrated the joy of it.

Workshops include:

  • Spanish ATS Fusion with skirt and fan~Anai Inaru
  • Touching your inner Goddess – Burlesque 101~Lottie
  • The Cane is Able~Adina Gamal
  • The Beauty of Fan Veils Workshop~Yasaman Vrd'dhi
  • Dancing the Feminine~Audie OS
  • Wunderkammer de le de Boheme Steampunk workshop~Sarah Schnider Koning
  • The Fundamentals of Body Mechanics~Natasha
  • Just Go With It~Nina Nisha
  • Fancy Feet Traveling ~Aziza Ammar
  • and many more

Vendors specializing in accommodating the worshipfully endowed include:

  • Big Beautiful Belly Dance Apparel by Luna
  • Shimmy Sista
  • M.A.D Dance Designs
  • Visions of Gia
  • War Pony Forge (Michigan Renaissance Festival favorite)
  • Off the Sholderz
  • Sharifwear
  • Troll Shop
  • Souk
  • Calico Garden
  • Twin Flower Fancies (Detroit based!)
  • Catspaw
  • She Wolf Studio

Just to let everyone know, this is not a closed event. The Co-Director has stated

"...why Adina and I are having this convention, this is why the sub name plays a part, not to exclude anyone, it's to bring Plus size dancers out more as well as let those who are interested know that it's beautiful that they want to dance and that they should not be afraid to take that step"

In addition to the classes, there will be a Hafla and a formal show. Those of us who love seeing many of our Belly Dance community at the various Michigan Pagan Pride Day events will assuredly be able to catch a glimpse of some of our favorites. Bellydance is as interwoven into the Pagan community as cakes and ale, after all.

Can not make the convention but interested in a local class? Check out the "Magick in Motion Beginner Belly Dance Workshop" held by the First Metaphysical Church in Davison. The class will be taught by a wonderful Craft Sister, High Priestess Morgana Moonwater, from the Coven of the Raven Moon. I supped with this group at the Black Hat Society Tea in Holly and the energy in the room was amazing.

The convention will be held at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Detroit - Dearborn. It starts this Friday and lasts thru Saturday night. For reservations, please register online.

For those unfamiliar with the term Goddess Dance and how it relates to the Divine Feminine may wish to pay a visit to House of Bastet, also in Detroit, for a perfect example of women awakening the connection within you.

Please enjoy one of this author's favorite videos fusing voluptuos hips, Belly Dance, and Goddess adoration: Joy of Yemoja/Oloku- as danced by the fabulous Eve, in the video accompanying this article.


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