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Dane County Farmers Market in the winter

Don't miss out on the Dane County Farmers' Market
Don't miss out on the Dane County Farmers' Market
Getty Images/WP Simon

Most residents of Madison and the surrounding area are familiar with the famous Dane County Farmers Market which surrounds the Capitol building on balmy Saturday mornings in the the summer.  What many people don't know, is that the farmers market continues year round.  The schedule for the market can be found on the Dane County Farmers Market website. Currently, from January 9th through April 10th, the market is held at the Madison Senior Center located at 330 W. Mifflin Street.

Many people may wonder what the heck can be at a winter farmers market in snowy Wisconsin?  Well, thanks to hoop houses, greenhouses and cold storage, there is plenty of produce to choose from.  From greens such as spinach, to garlic and potatoes and not to mention the abundance of locally raised meats.  Throw in some amazing local cheeses, preserves and crafts, and you will walk away with plenty to talk about.

The Saturday market runs from 8am to noon, check it out!