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‘Dancing With the Stars’ weight loss: NeNe Leakes, Drew Carey dance away pounds

NeNe Leakes shows off weight loss on Dancing With the Stars
Photo by Donald Bowers/Getty Images for Samsung

The Dancing With the Stars cast is losing weight and viewers are noticing. While the competition is only three weeks old, the stars have been making a gradual transition and weight loss can already be seen on many of the stars. On Monday night it was Drew Carey who showed off substantial weight loss as he doesn't even look like the comedian he once was on television years ago. According to WetPaint on Monday, the comedian was a diabetic and really overweight before changing his life around

While the subject of weight loss is obvious with Drew Carey, he isn’t the only one who is losing weight. NeNe Leakes is losing weight too. She was hoping to lose 20 pounds in the competition, but watching her on the dance floor on Monday night, it’s easy to see that she has lost more than her goal. The star seemed to move easily as she graced the ballroom and gave everyone a very strong impression that she was feeling good.

Another weight loss story on Monday night was James Maslow. He was picked on as a teenagers as he was overweight. Bullied about his size, the star revealed with his dance that he wasn't always thin and it took time to develop into what he looks like today. While the surprise admission had many fans thinking about their own personal life, it reminded everyone that words to hurt when describing someone who doesn't look perfect in shape and size.

Usually around the middle of the competition, week five or six, the stars reveal how much weight they have lost, but this season the idea of weight loss has started early. In another three weeks NeNe might be looking at more weight loss and she might even tell us how much she has danced off from the competition.

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