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‘Dancing With the Stars’ upsets NeNe Leakes, Meryl Davis with 'Switch Up' week

NeNe Leakes is upset she has to switch dance partners on Dancing With the Stars
NeNe Leakes/Twitter

Dancing With the Stars fans are waiting for the official announcement of the pairs might be surprised to learn that several of the contestants are not particularly happy about the decision to be switching up the teams, even if it is just for a week. According to Reality TV magazine on Friday, two star who are extremely upset about the "Switch Up" week include NeNe Leakes and Meryl Davis.

The idea of changing up a partner so early in the Dancing With the Stars competition is definitely unsettling. While learning new moves in an environment that is full of cameras can’t be easy, once the idea becomes familiar, there is a switch that offsets the balance. That’s why some of the stars are rather disappointed this new twist happened in their season.

According to NeNe Leakes, she would have preferred not to do this for the competition and suggested it was going to be very difficult. While some fans sympathize, there is no doubt this element will offer another reason to watch.

Another star who is not happy about the idea is Meryl Davis. The Olympic gold medal winner is “very upset” about the idea. Frustration coming from an athlete is not something most fans would expect as athletes are all about challenges and going for the gold.

Who will be the teams for the upcoming show? Dancing With the Stars has kept the new teams under lock and key, but fans who watch the reality show on Monday night will get to see the new pairs take the ballroom floor.

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