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‘Dancing With the Stars’ spoilers: Week 3 offers 'Most Memorable Year' theme

Tom Bergeron hosts Dancing With the Stars
Photo by Angela Weiss/Getty Images

Fans of Dancing With the Stars should be ready for some serious dancing hitting the ballroom floor on Monday the third week of the competition offers plenty of dance, some laughs and a personal story. According to WetPaint on Thursday, the theme is “Most Memorable Year.”

In past years there has been variations of this theme and it has been called different things. Once it was “Personal Story Week” and another time it was called “Best Year of My Life Week,” but the idea remained the same. The fans get the chance to see what the most important moment was in the star’s life through dance. Sometimes the moment is very personal and other times it is playful, but there is always a chance to see a few tears as this week is an emotional journey.

The excitement builds around the chance for the dancers to perform in front of the cameras for the fans live. Add the element of emotion by making it personal and anything could happen. Hopefully everyone will stick to the rehearsed moves and what viewers at home see is a great dance!

So what star’s story are you most excited to see on Dancing With the Stars? For us it’s going to be Drew Carey and Cody Simpson’s dances as both stars have very interesting lives.

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