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‘Dancing With the Stars’ season 18 will have Disney Music Night? Fans excited

Dancing With the Stars Cast
Dancing With the Stars Cast
Dancing With the Stars/Twitter

Dancing With the Stars will have some Disney music and it might even have Mickey Mouse’s approval. As the new season kicks off on Monday night the fans are looking at some of the changes that the show is offering and this season it appears there are quite a few perks that are worth noting. One of those cool ideas set to hit the television screen is Disney music night. According to WetPaint on Monday, the producers are hinting viewers could hear some great music from Disney movies on tour screens.

Frankly, Disney music is a welcomed idea in the Hollywood ballroom. There has been so much emphasis on movies and time periods that the younger audiences might have totally missed how dancing intertwines with this idea. Add a little bit of Disney music and even the kids are going to be glued to the screens.

Of course there will be a few classics weeks from the past too. Latin night, Most Memorable Year, Party Anthems night and American Icons night. Let us all hope that the idea of themes will offer some added benefits to the ballroom dancing and doesn’t miss the point of the competition in the first place. People do want to see dancing on Dancing With the Stars and highlighting more common music is just awesome!