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‘Dancing With the Stars’ rigged? Angry fans blast Meryl Davis, Maks Chmerkovskiy

Meryl Davis on Good Morning America
Photo by Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images

The ‘Dancing With the Stars” winner Meryl Davis and her dancing partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy flew all night from Los Angeles to New York City to share a few sexy dance moves with the fans on the east coast for "Good Morning America." The featured guests, along with the top finale couples, danced first thing in the morning and was a jolly moment after winning a tough competition. The couple might want to hold on to that mirror ball trophy real tight as disgruntled fans are outraged at Meryl Davis winning the reality competition and some viewers are alleging the show was rigged. According to Radar Online on Wednesday, there are individuals who want Meryl Davis to give back the trophy by making allegations that it was won unfairly.

There is no doubt that the reality show has had plenty of issues this season with voting, sound equipment and other problems, but to alleged that it was not won in good faith seems so far-fetched and not very believable. Of course there are always skeptics when it comes to life events, but to wait until moments after the decision is suspicious. It sounds like a bunch of viewers that could be pegged as sour grapes.

Thankfully there is only a small minority of people who feel this way and the majority of “Dancing With the Stars” viewers agree that Meryl Davis deserves to win. The athlete has worked hard to make every dance move count on the ballroom floor in Hollywood and she has practiced countless hours. Add that she offered up some beautiful routines and the mirror ball trophy seems to be right where it belongs.

Over the past couple of years the fans have become very vocal when their favorite stars don’t win. Whether it is “American Idol” or “Dancing With the Stars” there seems to be an undercurrent of unhappy fans no matter how hard the shows try to please. This latest group of sour grapes seems to be the perfect example of why it is getting harder and harder for reality stars to not be in the news.

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