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‘Dancing with the Stars’ pro Mark Ballas talks new season, getting in shape

‘Dancing with the Stars’ pro Mark Ballas talks new season, getting in shape
Photo by Steve Jennings

Mark Ballas is ready for spring training in a manner of speaking as season 18 of Dancing with the Stars is just around the corner. According to Jan. 21 report CBS News, the Emmy-nominated dancer doesn’t know if he’ll be chosen for the new season or not but it’s time to get ready just in case.

He plans to spend the next 6 weeks getting in shape with weights and on an elliptical machine. He’ll also be taking some dance classes to help shed the 12 holiday pounds he gained in case he gets that casting call sometime in February.

His diet for the next 5 weeks consists of juice for breakfast, a power salad at lunch and another juice for dinner. Fortunately he gave up smoking last year and claims he’s feeling than ever before.

The 2-time champion is looking forward to what the producers will do with “DWTS” this season. “I always love when they switch it up,” he said.

When asked who he would like to see as celebrity competitors, Ballas replied, "Jennifer Aniston, though I don’t think she’d ever do it," he said. "I'm a huge Ellie Goulding fan. She can move. I went to her show and she’s really good. And she’s in really good shape…She might be awesome if she’s got some time off of tour."

What does Ballas attribute the success of the show to? He believes viewers like seeing the celebrities outside their element, trying something new.

"You see these people that you're already familiar with do. In this society, people put celebrities and athletes up on a pedestal because you see them in one light – you see them onstage doing art, on TV, or on the field playing sports. Then when you see them [on 'DWTS'] and they’re like, ‘I may have bitten more off than I can chew here.' People find that fascinating," he said.

Though we don’t know if Ballas will be one of the pros invited back for season 18 of “Dancing with the Stars,” it seems unlikely he will sit the season out. The show premieres Monday, March 17 on ABC. Until then, check back often for more news, spoilers and updates.

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