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Cheryl Burke's 15-pound weight loss was due to circuit-training workouts

'Dancing With the Stars' pro Cheryl Burke discusses 15-pound weight loss
Zimmerman, Brown/Getty Images

"Dancing With the Stars" pro Cheryl Burke feels incredible after her recent 15-pound weight loss. [Cheryl's partner, Drew Carey, recently lost 80 pounds.]

"I feel strong," Burke told Us. "[I] tried every diet you could think of."

Burke credited a portion-controlled diet and 90-minute circuit training workouts for her impressive slim-down. Burke said she finally decided to take control of her weight and her health because she's sick and tired of yo-yo dieting.

Cheryl said her diet staples now include Greek yogurt, berries and lean meats. Her daily menu looks like this:

  • Breakfast. Turkey bacon and egg whites.
  • Lunch. Cobb salad with turkey bacon and no cheese.
  • Dinner. Lentil soup or salad with lentils, peppers and corn salad.

Burke said the cruel fat-shaming she endured after gaining a few pounds in 2008 really hurt her. "I have gone home at night and cried about it," she said. "How can someone write that someone who is not fat is fat?"

Burke: I Was Molested as a Child

In 2011, Cheryl revealed she was repeatedly molested by a family friend from the age of 5 and was later physically abused by two ex-boyfriends.

Cheryl, who testified against her molester and helped send him to jail for almost 20 years, says her parents' divorce when she was a baby gave her mixed feelings toward her abuser, a retired mailman who was well liked in her neighborhood.

The abuse began when Burke was 5, and the molester would pick up her up from school and do odd jobs around her house.

"I felt guilty for wanting his love and affection," she recalled, saying testifying against him was "the hardest thing I've ever done. I saw his face and lawyers were asking me these questions and I was like, 'What am I doing? Did he even do anything wrong?' "

Cheryl eventually helped put the molester behind bars after other children came forward and accused him of sexual abuse. Burke said it took years of therapy to emotionally heal from the abuse, and hoped her coming forward will let other victims know they are not alone. Cheryl revealed her harrowing experiences in her memoir, Dancing Lessons.

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