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Dancing With the Stars goes Psycho

Derek and Ricki ending Tango
Derek and Ricki ending Tango
On the Red Carpet

While Derek Hough and Ricki Lake received the first 10’s of the season last night on Dancing with the Stars they did a disservice to themselves. Their Tango ending to the music from Psycho showed Derek and Ricki behind a screen and him stabbing her – she then fell to the ground. Arguably this was depicting the shower scene where the knife wielding man kills the damsel, the scene that never actually showed any violence just implied it. As the dance ended judge Carrie Ann Inaba looked stunned and amazed at the ending however said nothing during her judge’s critique.

According to ‘On The Red Carpet’: Ricki Lake and Derek Hough - 29 out of 30 First 10's of the season! Ricki tackles the tango but the real test was dropped on Derek Hough's shoulders; he had to choreograph the dance to the very difficult theme from "Psycho." But, hey, this is Derek! He can do anything! And of course he pulls out another fantastic routine. Ricki almost has a breakdown during rehearsals, but I'm sure that's long forgotten once you see two judges give you a 10. Carrie Ann Inaba said it succinctly, but perfectly: brilliance in the ballroom.

This being Domestic Violence Awareness month, a million plus people watching that show weekly, they have a greater sense of responsibility than to show that as entertainment. One in 4 women are victims of domestic violence in her lifetime and domestic violence being at fault for more crime against women than any other combined more is expected from both Derek Hough and ABC.

Do you think this was too much?