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‘Dancing With the Stars’ fans upset over ‘Switch Up’? Shocking results expected

Dancing With the Stars fans are already starting to get very upset with the news coming from Hollywood on the upcoming Switch Up element of the reality dance competition. Two different sources are suggesting that the new pairing of celebrity to dance will be disastrous and one alleges that the show didn't consider all the voting done by the fans. According to On The Red Carpet on Wednesday, the show on week 3 had Billy Dee Williams drop out because of back problems and those couples remaining on Dancing With the Stars are facing a big challenge ahead.

Which leaves fans wondering about this over the top twist this season called Switch Up. Fans have been using social media to share who they want to see switched with a different person. Offering up a new dance partner for a new celebrity has never been done before and people are tripping out that the results are going to be disastrous.

According to Kristyn Burtt, the fans are going to be surprised by the results and she suggests after looking at the names that the voting wasn't worth the fans effort.

“RE: #DWTS Switch. I was not given permission to release names, but the voting was all for naught. Surprise pairings,” tweeted Kristyn Burtt from her official Twitter account on Tuesday. The host of Dancing With the Stars After Buzz TV After Show got everyone’s attention.

Another source suggesting that viewers are going to be disappointed is PureDWTS. Known for their scoops and being straightforward with the fans, they too have issues with how the Switch Up has been implemented. Suggesting on Tuesday that all the tweeting fans did was pointless, the site pointed out a disconnection between the show and the viewers.

One final source who appears to have seen the list and likes the different couples is ABC entertainment reporter George Pennacchio. When responding to a fan about the show’s decision to switch the partners, he sided with the shows producers.

“I'm confident producers went with the viewer votes. I say just enjoy the week ahead,” tweeted George Pennacchio from his official Twitter account.

Fans don’t even know what star is switching with which dance partner yet so it might be impossible to officially be disappointed. However, that doesn't stop everyone from disliking this switching partners element before it officially starts on the show.

Dancing With the Stars needs to convince viewers to see how it goes before making a decision on whether or not to finish watching the season. Producers also need to reveal if they partnering was done with the fans voting in mind or if the switches for the ballroom was purely a production decision.

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