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‘Dancing With the Stars’ fans upset over Olympians? Andy Cohen’s ire on target

The Dancing With the Stars show might have overstepped their plans on attracting viewers for the current season of the dancing reality competition. After finally bringing in some big talent, they also brought in a couple of Olympic athletes who dance for a living. According to WetPaint Sean Avery got eliminated this week and it is quite unfair. Fans aren't the only people who think this, so does Andy Cohen who posted his disappointment online Monday night.

“@imseanavery got robbed on #DWTS I am so p*ssed. (Excited for @NeNeLeakes though!!) btw how is it fair there are ice dancers there?” tweeted Andy Cohen from his official Twitter account.

Andy Cohen might have said it out loud, but everyone watching Dancing With the Stars is thinking the same thing. What has this show become where the ex-boyfriend of two stars is paraded out and two competitors who won first place on an international level for ice dancing are competing with celebrities?

It’s impossible for NeNe Leakes or even Cody Simpson to compete on Meryl Davis and Charlie White’s level and it doesn't matter if the two accomplished athletes are wearing skates. The Olympic gold medalists know the concept of dance and are far more established than someone who has spent the past few years in front of cameras.

As some point Dancing With the Stars is going to have to tier the talent and move the scale when it comes to pitting star against star. Or they could consider changing the name of the show to Dancing With the Stars (who were once on the ice.)

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