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'Dancing with the Stars': Erin Andrews not getting along with cast

“Dancing with the Stars” has seen its fair share of drama over the past 18 seasons and this season is no exception. According to E! News, rumors are circulating that new host, Erin Andrews, is not getting along with the cast members. The former ESPN correspondent is playing on new turf and some are calling fowl for some of the comments she makes to the contestants.

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Erin Andrews
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In a sit-down interview on E! News Wednesday, Erin set the record straight and put the rumors to rest. She told E! News she is having a great time as host and is enjoying the behind the scene experiences with the contestants watching their creativity translate into their choreography routines. “It’s been great. It’s been fun,” she exclaimed.

Erin appeared to be taken aback about the audacity of the rumors and is clueless as to where they started. Erin received a lot of criticism for grilling James Maslow and his dancing partner Pita Murgatroyd about their partnership hoping the duet is dating. “Please say you’re dating,” she begged. Her interview changed very quickly from playful to very uncomfortable. Andrews tried to explain to ABC that she was showing her playful side during the interview. She is adamant that she wasn't “grilling them” and it was more like banter when she begged them to confirm they were dating.

Erin also told E! News she only became aware of the rumors from reading magazines and immediately contacted the show’s producers to have a quick pow-wow with the contestants to clear the air. “So when I saw that some of these magazines were coming out with that stuff, I instantly called the producers the next day, I talked to some of the dancers like, ’Are we good? Is there drama?’ Everybody’s like, ‘Were having the best time!’”

Erin defended her interviewing techniques to ABC and is confident in her hosting abilities. Andrews also told the producers of “DWTS” she wants to “be really good about being playful”. As a former ESPN sports correspondent, she didn't have the luxury of exchanging banter and being playful with the athletes. “In the sports world, I can’t be like that,” she said.
It may be difficult for fans of the show to get used to seeing Erin in a different corresponding hat, but give her time to get seasoned.

What do you think of Erin’s hosting abilities?

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