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'Dancing With the Stars' drops sneak peek of 'Switch Up' partners (photo)

Is Witney Carson behind Drew Carey? The rehearsals for Dancing With the Stars
Is Witney Carson behind Drew Carey? The rehearsals for Dancing With the Stars
DWTS Updates

Dancing With the Stars is creating a little buzz about the upcoming Switch Up that puts a different dancer and a celebrity together for a week with the helpful decision of viewer votes and show participation. On Wednesday a sneak peek of the first pair was released. And it appears that the image was offered up accidentally. According to PureDWTS on Wednesday, the image of Drew Carey and his new partner was released on DancingABC early Wednesday morning (that is the official Instagram account of the reality show) and immediately removed. Don’t worry, it was on long enough that people were able to forward the image before it was taken down.

The picture showcases Drew Carey in the studio, the dancer behind him was petite and only her limbs could be seen. Fans combed through pictures of the different professional dancers looking at fingernails and feet coming to the conclusion that the woman pictured could be Witney Carson. She was originally partnered with Cody Simpson. Another clue is that the Witney is seen wearing the same shoes rehearsing with Cody Simpson a few weeks back. Of course with such a limited view of the woman the fans are guessing at this point, but there are only four female professional dancers left in the competition and only two of the ladies have fingers as petite as what is seen wrapped around Drew Carey.

With all the hoopla over Dancing With the Stars offering up a Switch Up twist, everyone is hoping the show reveals some enticing pairs to showcase the best of the talent on the show.

Take a look at the photo of Drew Carey and the hands that grab him for the switch up. Do you think it is Witney Carson?