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‘Dancing With the Stars’ cast rumors: Lolo Jones, ‘Duck Dynasty’ star

Lolo Jones rumored to be n upcoming cast of Dancing With the Stars
Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Fans of the “Dancing With the Stars” reality show have only a week before the decisions of the upcoming cast are revealed. While there have been rumors of different cast members, the latest names to pop up from the Hollywood show have people wondering what the producers are thinking. According to USA Today on Thursday, Lolo Jones and “Duck Dynasty” cast member Sadie Robertson are now on the list of rumored stars that might be part of the show.

While fans might be surprised at Lolo Jones, it is the idea that a secondary cast member from a reality show that has viewers shocked. Sadie Robertson is only 17 and would be one of the least known celebrities seen on the show (if the rumor is to be believed.) It’s doubtful she would even make it past the first few weeks as the fans are still smoldering from remarks made by her grandfather, Phil Robertson.

As for Lolo Jones whether you love or hate the athlete, the producers know this attention loving star is going to get solid ratings if she makes the cut. Causing a controversy everywhere she goes, this athlete is a competitor and loves to stir the pot. However, this could be a problem for producers too as in the past when Jones doesn't win she tends to grab more headlines than the winners.

Who else is rumored for “Dancing With the Stars”? Antonio Sabato Jr., Andi Dorfman, Kacy Catanzaro, Jessie James Decker and Kandi Burruss. If viewers find themselves wondering who these celebrities are (as they don’t appear to really famous) don’t feel alone. The stars used for this show aren't always people who are famous as it implies more of the status of worked once on television.

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