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Dancing with the stars, Bristol Palin controversy

Dancers: Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas and Brandy and Maksim Chmerkovskiy
Dancers: Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas and Brandy and Maksim Chmerkovskiy
(Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

For those who watch the show Dancing With the Stars (DWTS), Bristol Palin is either hated or loved for her presence on the show. This week’s results have stirred up quite the buzz on the internet and even in the home.

Atlanta’s news station, WSBTV, reported that a Wisconsin man shot his living room television set when this week’s results came in announcing that Bristol Palin to stay on for next week’s final round. Palin is accused of still being on the show because her mother is former Vice President hopeful and the tea party favorite, Sarah Palin.

Fans in the crowd reportedly booed as the results were announced and the judges were just as shocked. "This is such a shock!" co-host Brooke Burke said, throwing it to judge Bruno Tonioli. "I'm shocked," Bruno said. "I want to stress it's very important for everybody to vote. It's so close, every vote counts. I'm so disappointed!" Bruno turned to pop singer Brandy, whose was voted out, “Will you come and do it for me, for us? Come on!”

Brandy, who received a perfect score in the last competition before being voted off, confirmed with ABC’s late night host, Jimmy Kimmel that these results were an “outrage”.

One Atlanta fan vows to no longer watch the show, convinced that the show is ‘fixed’ for rating purposes.

Leave Your Comments: Do you believe the show is rigged for ratings, or relies solely on voting?


  • Cumming, GA 4 years ago


  • Houston 4 years ago

    I "may" be naive, but I DON'T believe the show is rigged.

    Bristol IS still in the competition because she won the support of fans who vote for the "underdog".

    Is what happened to Bradi fair? No, she truly deserved to remain in the competition and she really strived to win.

    Perhaps this will move the creators of Dancing with the Stars to reevaluate their system.

  • Pat 4 years ago

    It's hard to say if DWTS is actually rigged OR are Tea Party fans throwing all their support via calling/texting for Bristol. Bruno is right about how important it is for everyone to vote for their favorite. It's kind of like political voting, your opinion means nothing if you don't even vote. With only 3 contestants left, you can be sure I'll be calling/texting.

  • Virtuous Lady 4 years ago

    The show is rigged. A lot of v folks that voted, stated when they called in for Brandy, The recording stated. "Thank You for voting for Bristol Palin". I doubt folks would lie about that. BP can't dance. She is stiff as a board.

  • never again viewer 4 years ago

    I belive the idots that invite guests on this show should have more evenly matched contestants. I feel they booked Bristol, who has no stage or professional background what so ever, to have someone to ridicule much as they did Kurt Warner. If you have guests with backgrounds like Jennifer Gray, Brandy and Kyle Massey why in gods name have a teenager with absolutey no experience that does not have a chance. I feel the show is getting what they deserve for the asinine choices they make. Also if you do not always vote the max number of times every show you have nothing to say that means any thing

  • Texas 4 years ago

    It's obvious that you don't have to even be a star to be on the show, Palin is diffenitely not a star a teenage activist com'on that's not a star. She's nothing but an out of control teenage having unsafe sex.
    What does that say for our society for
    our young teenagers. Have a baby as a teenager and be come a star. Rename the show stop calling it dancing with the stars when you don't have to be a star to dance, or a professional dancer to win.

  • Joan 4 years ago

    I don't believe the voting is rigged, and I also think if people didn't want Bristol to continue on the show, they should have been voting for their favorites. I do think the political followers of Sarah Palin have been keeping Bristol on their show with tons of votes, and I think they have voted multiple times using different email addresses. Bristol should have been off the show three or four weeks ago.

    I don't understand ABC putting Bristol on the show in the first place and giving Sarah Palin a lot of free publicity. The mistake as I see it is on ABC's part. Bristol Palin can't help who her mother is and it also isn't her fault if people keep voting her in week after week.

  • Confused!! 4 years ago

    It's obvious that people can turn anything into a political issue. Thought DWTS was supposed to be a show where they taught people who were not dancers how to dance. How can it be fair to have movie stars with dancing experience, rock stars and celebrities who have participated in choregraphed routines compete with someone who has never had any dance experience. Think the show needs to get back to the "everyday person" with no prior dance experience - would that be policitically known as the "grass roots" movement. Sorry I'm not a political person -- I just like a good TV show!!!

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