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Dancing With The Stars and Other Reality Shows

Reality Television
Reality Television
Photo by Andreas Rentz/Getty Images

Dancing With The Stars and Other Reality Shows are finding increasing ways to get their viewing audience involved and for one week, the cast of Dancing With The Stars will be changing things up a bit, as they have been having America vote to change up the partners for a week. So America has a say in one week of partnering and this information should give the producers some good ideas for the future.

We are all not strangers to posting our votes for shows like American Idol. The more involved the producers get their watchers into what is going on, the more invested viewers become and that is just want the goal is.

Right now pretty much any night of the week we can see reality shows. There is The Voice, American Idol, Survivor, The Amazing Race, and as we have been discussing Dancing With The Stars.

There are judges and coaches and we are feeling part of the action. Social media gives us another chance at getting our opinions out there. Twitter, Facebook and a variety of opportunities to participate.

All ages get involved in the voting and the fun.

Reality television is a part of the discussions between family and friends. We have lots of all star returns because the producers of these shows know that some of these "characters" have grown on us and we love to see them return to our screens.

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