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Dancing in the rain

Learn to dance in the rain
Learn to dance in the rain

What do you do when it is pouring rain outside? Perhaps a little lightning and thunder is thrown in that mix as well? You run inside and stay inside and wait until the sun comes back out, right? While you’re inside you may sulk, or typically stay in bed all day because you are so tired. Now, think about the storms in your life. The drama, pain, sad times, turbulent situations; all the things we don’t want to face and hate having to deal with or go through. Instead of hiding from those storms and sulking, we should 1. pray about it and leave it at God’s feet and then 2. go out and dance in the rain that is pouring your way! The way I see it is you can’t change it (because it’s according to God’s will to happen for a divine purpose), all you can do is do your best to get through it.

Dance in the rain and the sun. Life is so short that we can’t get caught up in the bad times because it’s then when we miss out on the good times. In fact, you’ll have more good times when you make the best of the bad times. When you have a bad day take a time out with yourself like going to the movies alone or having a private movie night. When things are spiraling out of control just focus on the things that you do have control over and the things that matter the most like love, family, friends, laughter, God… I’m in a storm of my life where I personally feel things are spiraling beyond my control, BUT, I have to keep pressing on because, while it’s a ridiculously painful & uncomfortable place to be in, my happiness and disposition in life is more important than any temporary circumstance I face.

Let’s run out into our storms and dance together!


  • Raniesha 5 years ago

    Like the storyline behind the movie "Precious" you gotta PUSH!!!!! God doesn't alway eliminate your storms.... and when he doesn't he is in the mist of the storm WITH you, sustaining you and allowing you to survive! Just like the Hebrew boys thrown in the fire and Daniel in the Lions Den. It may not always make sense to you but his will is perfect! Ask the Lord for direction and be disciplined and still enough to listen to his response.... even when what you hear in return doesn't make sense... obey and in due time you will see why. **Finding my way!** I should really be a blogger! :)

  • RON~YEA! 5 years ago

    Good point!