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Dancing pounds away

Like a child who plays with the same toy day in and day out, we too can get bored with doing the same workout every day. And just as that child will eventually discard the toy for a box, a patch of dirt, or something shiny we will likely can the workout for something more appealing, which is hopefully not baking cookies and having movie marathons. There are so many options for cardio in Los Angeles you should never have to worry about becoming bored with the treadmill, elliptical, or time worn run trails. An intense yet fun alternative, dancing, can be found in dance studios and gyms throughout Los Angeles.

Doug Jones, right, and his wife, Joan, in foreground, teach a Zumba class in Dayton, Ohio.
Skip Peterson / AP

If you already have a gym membership then you may know the wonders of dance workout classes. Most gyms offer some dance class in their group workout line ups. Zumba is a dance workout which combines aerobic fitness with Latin dance, hip hop, reggae, Samba, belly dance, and many other dance styles from all over the world. Zumba participants can see changes in their core, arms, glutes, and legs, remembering what you put into the workout will determine your results. Zumba classes can be found on Zumba Los Angeles webpage under the class schedule tab. Bally Total Fitness of West L.A. ((310) 820-7571), The Sports Club of L.A., and Gold’s Gym are among the many gyms in the city that have begun to offer Zumba classes. Swerve Studio in Beverly Hills has a number of classes that allow  you to dance and burn calories at the same time, including ballet, Soul Dancing and Bollywood Bhangra Beats classes. 

Still not convinced of the fitness powers of dance? You can see its resume next time you find yourself watching Fox's So You Think You Can Dance, or ABC's Dancing with the Stars. Fitness dance classes are a promising workout, and don’t worry everyone, regardless of their level of rhythm, can participate. However if your not quite ready to get out there and strut your stuff buy a DVD and start in your living room.


  • KC 5 years ago

    I would actually do this... which means aot. Zumba could improve my man-eating club prowess while giving me a smaller waistline. what's not to like?

  • phoenicia 5 years ago

    Well KC,
    The dance skills you learn in Zumba will only increase your prowess as Zumba teaches real dance skills which can be flaunted in the club, good luck!

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