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Dancing dog: White dogs can't dance? Hairless hound vid of groovy dog goes viral

A dancing dog video has been rocking across social media this past week, proving that even hairless hounds can get their "shag" on.

The Huffington Post on Friday carried the original video and said it's the "best thing you'll see all day." We would tend to agree.

The eight-year-old Chinese crested dog, named Nathan, was captured displaying some of his best moves at a foster home in Virginia. Much like any video of a gyrating pet, this one went viral, even catching the eye of Ellen DeGeneres and making it onto her show.

Late night host Arsenio Hall got into the action too, remixing the video as you saw above.

Nathan hogs the limelight in the video, as the other wallflower pups stare. This dog has moves, and he isn't afraid to boogie down.

The South Carolina rescue and dog rehab group Bald Is Beautiful shared the video of Nathan, which has gathered over 50K shares on its Facebook page. The group specializes in "rehoming" this unusual breed, which is known especially for their two-legged agility.

"He loves to dance in his chair," says Ellen Westkaemper from the rescue network. "This video only captures some of his sweet dance moves."

The dog's foster mom says that although Nathan is doing all the work, his posse of friends benefit too.

"Nathan loves to dance in his chair and does so on command for his mom. The other dogs line up behind him to watch because when it's done, they all get treats," Westkaemper said.

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