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Dancing Deer delivers Valentines

There's Joy in this work!
There's joy in this work!

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Dancing Deer Bakery in Hyde Park is busy with Valentine's Day orders!  St Patrick's Day, Easter and Spring are on the way. 

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  • Can-Can 5 years ago

    Dancing Deer was always generous to events in Roxbury like the Roxbury Film Festival. Their packets of cookies were nice gifts for filmmakers and special guests. We miss them in Roxbury.
    I wish they would open a bakery. I found that I could not buy their products in Roxbury or Dorchester. Sometimes I just want to go straight to the bakery and get something and not have to do a special order. Perhaps they'll have an outlet in Hyde Park. Nice slide show.

  • Trish 5 years ago

    Dear Can-Can - We miss Roxbury too! We tried hard to stay in the neighborhood but we couldn't find enough space at a price we could afford. Much has changed since we moved to Shirley Street in 1998. It was pioneering then but in the last several years the neighborhood has been priced out of our reach. Thanks for being a supporter. We'll still maintain our connections to Roxbury while making new friends in Hyde Park. We do plan to open an outlet store in our new plant as soon as we can turn our attention to it. We'll look forward to seeing you then.
    Best regards,