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Dancing Bull's crisp Sauvignon Blanc invites warm afternoon barbeques

Nice afternoon whites offset the summer heat
Nice afternoon whites offset the summer heat

Hot weather, cool wines. With the heat of summer now on us (no gray, no gloom), we are looking for afternoon and evening wines to take the heat of the day off our minds.

Dancing Bull’s Sauvignon Blanc does exactly that. Served slightly chilled, this crisp white has a slightly acidic finish and can stand the challenges of a barbeque with meats slathered under sauce. But the nice thing about Dancing Bull’s character is that it goes equally well with light appetizers served prior to the main course.

This Sauvignon Blanc does not hit you with the characteristic grapefruit nose. Rather than that, it features tropical flavors and a hint of kiwi. Crispness is again the key, and the lingering flavors delight all senses.

Dancing Bull is produced under the Rancho Zabaco label. The grapes were harvested earlier than normal due to the consistency of the summer growing season. At the beginning of the season, California experienced a variety of winter storms which brought heavy rains to the growing areas. The rainy season was followed by a very dry summer (the driest in over 160 years), but without overwhelming heat in the vineyards. This led to the opportunity to harvest the grapes earlier than normal. The harvested grapes were full of flavor and ready for press.

The crispness of the Dancing Bull Sauvignon Blanc was preserved by the long fermentation in Stainless tanks.

Dancing bull is not a pretentious wine. However, and this is the key, it is easily drinkable and because of its low alcohol (12.3%) it is perfect for an afternoon, beat the heat, wine. The grapes were sourced from a variety of California vineyards.

Have a winederful day and enjoy a light white on these long summer afternoons.

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